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Automattic has released the blog statistics tools available for WordPress.com blogs as a plugin. Andy Skelton fills in with the behind-the-scenes workings and provides good answers.

The plugin is JavaScript based, using an image that does counts the hits. It requires the WordPress.com API key, like Akismet. If you do not already have one, you can get one easily with an account at WordPress.com. The statistics are hosted on WordPress.com servers, that means that your blog server is not taxed for them. The link under the dashboard takes you to the WordPress.com global dashboard, where you will have to login using your WordPress.com account you got for the API key.

I had sorely missed this when I started to self-host this blog. I have started to use the plugin and will test it for some time. I can then get rid of one of the other JavaScript based statistics services. The feed statistics as a plugin might also help, as I doubt many of us use FeedBurner mainly for its statistics.

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