Sun Supporting OpenID

Sun is taking effort to support and use OpenID (press release). Tim Bray offers his explanations and views. The OpenID service only for the Sun employees is a novelle way of using OpenID. Other services who want to identify Sun employees can completely rely on that. Eve Maler writes down her thoughts about this.

Sun has also made the OpenID extension for OpenSSO available for download. It is an OpenID provider that uses OpenSSO for authentication and single sign-on.

This can help in making more service providers aware of its benefits. Check out Simon Willison’s six cool things you can build with OpenID for more ideas.

I have read this in more than one place that OpenID is feasible only for comments and blogs, not for high-value high-risk transactions. I believe this comes out of lack of trust on the OpenID providers, since OpenID is only about identity and not authorization. Another issue is about phishing. To truly address this, as a community, we need to think about OpenID’s role in the holistic solution, which might include interoperability and interactions with other related technologies.

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