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A while back I had ranted about being too distributed. If I had to follow someone there were too many feeds to subscribe to, too many sites to follow and too many things to keep tab on. The worst part is that these various services are not auto-discoverable.

Mike had commented about trying Jaiku, a service which seems similar to Twitter. But its unique value can be in what it does different. It lets you add feeds from various services you use and aggregates it into one Jaiku feed. So, my Jaiku feed contains content from my blog, my shared items from Google Reader and my Tweets through their corresponding feeds. It also lets you add Jaikus, or tweets. I think this can lead to a solution of my problem.

Of course this can be also done at Twitter, as I understand that you source your tweets from various feeds. We can also achieve this using the Yahoo! Pipes or the more recent Microsoft Popfly. However I think they are not as user friendly.

I think Jaiku can become a place where a person’s web presence can be aggregated. I think this can be useful. What do you think?

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  1. Neil Vineberg said:

    Abhijit, I work with Jaiku in the United States. The idea of aggregating your web feeds and creating a single point of online presence is one of the real benefits of Jaiku. You can incorporate feeds from your personal and business blogs, Del.icio.us, FlickR, LastFM, and google, among others. A business could set up an online presence with news feeds and staff could comment on them. There are so many ways that Jaiku can be used to enhance how we communicate and share information.

  2. Abhijit Nadgouda said:

    Thanks for your comment Neil. Yes the integrated outgoing channel can help a lot.

  3. Tech-Links: May 28 2007 | Alpesh Nakars’ Blogosphere said:

    […] me a rockstart. Back to Jaiku… I signed up to Jaiku following Douglas Karr and I agree with Abhijit, it is great to have one aggregated self I love life2front, it rocks! What do you […]

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