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The guys at Internet Connection have implemented vi in JavaScript (JSVI) (via Ajaxian). JSVI might not sound appealing to you instantly, but it gives a good break from all the WYSIWYG editors and actually lets me use my favorite editor on the Web.

Many of my friends ask me about the reasons behind my liking for vi. It is a fast, versatile, extensible and cross-platform editor. There is a bit of learning curve, but not because it is difficult, but because it is different. The default mode is not editing, it is reading. You press i/I or a or o/O only when you want to edit. The ability to do everything without having to move fingers away from the home keys is tremendously productive. This difference is what makes it so useful. Accept this difference and vi is really easy. Using this with vimperator would make you a vi fanatic!

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    […] for you. You can use any text editor by configuring it in the preferences. This is better than JSVI. I used to write a lot of my blog posts in vim and then copy paste in the web interface. Gone are […]

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