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Aggregate Yourself

A while back I had ranted about being too distributed. If I had to follow someone there were too many feeds to subscribe to, too many sites to follow and too many things to keep tab on. The worst part is that these various services are not auto-discoverable. [Continue]

Dell Keeps Up The Promise

Dell has launched Linux computers for the average consumer, as promised. They sport the latest Ubuntu 7.04 or Feisty Fawn version. My feeling is that they will sell fast and sell good, because The feature request, if you will, has come directly from the users Many Dell users buy the Dell machines and wipe off Windows with their Linux distributions. [Continue]

Experimenting With Ads

I am going to start experimenting with advertisements using some resoources. I will make them as unobtrusive as possible and in the process might make some changes in the layout. If they turn out to be good I will continue or will abort them. [Continue]

The Feed Will Now Burn At Google

So the rumours were true and many feeds, like this blog’s will now be burnt at Google. FeedBurner is an excellent service, does most of the feed negotiations for you, gives good statistcs and takes load of your server for serving feeds. However, a warning keeps popping up to wonder whether this will end up in unwanted advertising in the feeds. [Continue]

Technorati Expands Beyond Blogs

Dave Sifry updated his blog today with changes in the new Technorati. As I’ve blogged about before, the world has changed. Whereas folks using Technorati a couple of years ago were predominantly coming to us to search the blogosphere to surface the conversations that were most interesting to them, today they are increasingly coming to our site to get the 360 degree context of the Live Web – blogs of course, but also user-generated video, photos, podcasts, music, games and more. [Continue]

More Office Document Formats

So we have more formats! United Office Format (UOF) is a XML-based document format that was developed by and for China, in addition to ODF and OOXML. It addresses all the office document types – word processing, spreadsheets and presentation. [Continue]

Facebook To Turn Its Face The Other Way

Vauhini Vara at WSJ reports Facebook is planning to provide service pages for integrating with other services. Before you think that this is the same Web 2.0 trend about opening up APIs, look for the phrase “within its popular website”. On Thursday, the Palo Alto, Calif., company will announce a new strategy to let other companies provide their services on special pages within its popular Web site. [Continue]



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