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GPLv3 Is Out

General Public License (GPL) version 3 is published by FSF after 18 months of work and equal amount of discussions and debates. The makers say it is not very different from the earlier version, which gained a lot of popularity. GPLv3 is an adaptation to new requirements and new events that happened in the open source space. [Continue]

Closed Creates Hype

Jason Kottke notes that Facebook is AOL 2.0. Valleywag notes that both are closed. Scott Heiferman’s quote is gold While at Sony in 1994, I was sent to Virginia to learn how to build a Sony “app” on AOL (the #3 online service, behind Compuserve & Prodigy at the time) using AOL’s proprietary “rainman” platform. [Continue]

Gmail And Konqueror

Two of the applications that I like to use are Konqueror and Gmail. Konqueror is the best in performance and memory consumption on KDE, and I like to use it for casual browsing. Gmail is probably known to everyone today, not only because of its UI but also because of its good spam filters, productivity and things you can do with it. [Continue]

JavaScript On Rails

A while back I said that some frameworks are so productive today that they might drive your choice of programming language. Well, it is not absolutely true if you are ready to put in effort and show your love for the framework by porting it to your preferred language. Steve Yegge wanted to use Rails, but could not use Ruby at Google, so he ported it to JavaScript. [Continue]

Take-away Software

A lot of times I get a feeling that a lot of people are looking out for take-out software. Take-out is a term used to refer to food purchased at a restaurant but eaten elsewhere. Different terms are used in different places – take-away, carry-out, parcel or to-go. [Continue]

WordPress Makes Sense For Many Non-Blog Websites

A friend wants to develop a corporate web site and wanted to get my advice on what CMS he should use. As usual I asked him what did he want to do with it and got a judgement about his technical skill. The website he envisoned was one of the simple ones, with basic information and he was not exposed to any web site management before or to managing raw HTML. [Continue]

Encourage Observation

One of the practices that helps in gathering information is observation. Observing the potential users can let you identify and realize things that would probably slip out of your mind and the requirements elicitation task. The problem with the whole requirement elicitation, gathering and discussion meetings is that they are too conscious. [Continue]



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