The Google Feedburner Scare

I was waiting for some kind of notice to us, the users, regarding the buyout. But the one at the login prompt was scary than informative.

NOTE: Service of FeedBurner publisher accounts will not be interrupted as a result of the acquisition by Google. You will have a 14-day interim period ending June 15, 2007 to opt-out of allowing Google to service your account. If you take no action by June 15, 2007, the rights to your data will transfer from FeedBurner to Google. Opting out will terminate your user agreement with FeedBurner, permanently delete your FeedBurner account, feeds, and all related statistical data and history, and prevent the transfer of your data rights to Google. To opt-out, contact us via accountx@feedburner.com, provide your FeedBurner account Username, and request to have your FeedBurner account deleted. We will contact you at your registered email address to confirm your deletion request before completing it.

It sounds like you have to take necessary action to shield yourself. I am not alone. In fact, I waited after writing this post to take time to understand it.

However Feedburner, rather Google, has addressed the concerns. This was more of a mandatory legal talk than a notice to the user but I wish it could be friendlier.

FeedBurner is a solution used by lot of bloggers to take load of their server and as an interface to hide changes to their blog addresses. Leaving the FeedBurner service can be painful, hopefully that does not happen. Or do we need a new non-Google FeedBurner?

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