WordPress And Drupal In Python?

I have been a fan of Python and its design right from day one. There are some nuances, but they are ignorable. However, one of the things I really miss while using Python on web are tools like WordPress and Drupal. Do not get me wrong, there are already excellent libraries and frameworks like webpy, Django and TurboGears. However, it is lacking in the CMS space, especially when compared to PHP. Of course there is the good old combination of Zope and Plone, but it is really for large-scale systems. There are also a couple of CMSs built on the frameworks like Skeletonz and PyLucid, but there are still gaps to be filled.

I will really like to see WordPress and Drupal in Python. WordPress is amazing to build simple web sites or build prototypes and pilots quickly, and has minimal system requirements. I simply love Drupal for the ease of managing various content types. It is very easy to create new types, especially now because of Content Construction Kit, and provide granular permissions and access for various actions on it.

And I am glad to find out that it is not only me. There is also a WordPress Python library that lets you talk to WordPress using XML-RPC. Using this someone has even created a blogging client called WordPy, with a mobile version.

I will add this to projects I wish to do. I hope this does not invite flames. I do not mean to say that Python is better than PHP or vice versa. However, I sure feel that it will be great if Python developers too can also get to use the goodness of WordPress and Drupal.

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  2. BC said:

    I am the maintainer of the new project “Drupy”. I have been working to do a direct port of Drupal in Python. I expect to have a working copy up in about 4 – 6 weeks. Feel free to contact me through the sourceforge page if you would like to contribute.

  3. David Chambers said:

    I’d love to see a branch of WordPress or something similar running on Python and Django rather than PHP. I’m interested to know whether you’ve made any progress on this yourself or whether you know of anyone else who has undertaken such a project.

  4. Abhijit Nadgouda said:

    David, I haven’t made much progress here because of lack of time.

  5. Bob Matsuoka said:

    Add my voice to the wishers. The strength of WP is in the community, however. There’s rarely a WP site I deploy without a dozen plugins or more. Without that community, WPy would be a fun, but definitely DIY platform! Which I’d still love, but never deploy professionally.

  6. Jack said:

    Yes, a Python version would be cool. Especially if it could interact with the existing PHP plugins.

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    WordPress And Drupal In Python? | iface thoughts

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