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Is Designing Worth It?

Martin Fowler asks and answers whether it is worth it to spend time on design. It is a difficult question to answer for others. It is generally considered good to spend time on design, however, it is omitted a lot of times – either because of skills or deadline panic or overzealousness to code. [Continue]

With A Capital P

I am making a note to myself to spell WordPress right, that is, with a capital P. I have been conscious about this for some time, but it has always been pushed back by zeal to get rest of the content right. WordPress is one word with a capital W and a capital P. [Continue]

Web CMS Kudos

CMS Watch released their latest report on various open source and commercial CMSs. You will have to buy the detailed report but you can see the criteria used, with Plone on the top. Of course, rankings are just numbers, and they will always cause speculation. [Continue]

Web Standards For Business

Christian Heilmann has started a wiki – The business case for web standards (via Roger Johansson) to collect resources to put forth the case for web standards. He stresses on the point that one of the common mistakes in arguments is assuming that the other person is interested in web standards. The wiki also sports a place to hold the counterarguments. [Continue]

WPZipper Provides Customized Download

Are you one of the WordPress users who are overwhelmed by the different places from where you need to download the blogging engine, the plugins and the themes? WPZipper might be an answer for you. It is a three setup process where you find and select plugins, then find and select themes and download the generated zip file. [Continue]

What To Look For In A CMS?

One of the discussions with my friends hovered around what to look for in a CMS. With so many available choice surely becomes difficult. Also the fact that many RAD frameworks for Web like Ruby on Rails, Django, Symfony and many more are in the choice-land has only made the selection more difficult. [Continue]



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