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On Outsourcing

As a software developer who has worked in India, worked in the US and has returned back to India, I have had some unique experiences with the term outsourcing. Unfortunately most of them have led me to a stage where I have started disliking that term, not because of the term itself, but because of the way the software industry uses it. It implies opportunistic behavior, short term vision and disregard for merit. [Continue]

Various Forms Of Comments

In other words, comments on articles or posts are not the only way of commenting. Think of the different ways in which a reader can express his/her thoughts on the article or blog post he/she is reading. If I am a reader, I can bookmark the link using one of the social bookmarking tools and write a note as my comment share the link on messaging services like twitter, Jaiku or Pownce with a comment discuss on one of the meme sites like Reddit, Digg, Slashdot or DZone share the link via social networking sites like Facebook or Orkut, either as message on a wall or in a group discuss the topic in a forum dedicated to the topic write on my blog or my tumblelog, which should send the appropriate trackbacks directly comment on the article/post I am reading. [Continue]



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