Gobuntu – A Freedom Branch From Ubuntu

There is a new Linux distribution in the town – Gobuntu (via Ryan Paul). Mark Suttleworth explained it as a puristic distribution that will avoid proprietary software:

It is a flavour of Ubuntu (like Kubuntu or Xubuntu) that is basically the same desktop environment as Ubuntu (a GNOME desktop) and a very strict set of restrictions on the licences of code and content. This means that we try to strip out ANYTHING which is not modifiable and redistributable, including firmware, PDF’s, video footage, sounds etc. We are trying to apply the FSF “rights” definition to everything in the platform. Gobuntu will not correctly enable much hardware today – but it exists as a banner for the cause of software freedom and as a reference of what IS possible with a totally rigorous approach. The goal is to make it a real point of pride to be able to run Gobuntu on a laptop or desktop or server, because it means that all of the stars have aligned to ensure that you have complete freedom to use that hardware with free software.

But there was already gNewSense for this. Apparently Gobuntu will form a foundation for such distributions and will provide a cleaner base.

Every field has idealistic and pragmatic approaches. I think this is because what is passion for one can be just a tool for another. Not that using it as a tool degrades it, but the effort one wants to put in to start using it might vary. While I might be ready to spend a couple of months in getting Gobuntu working on my laptop and even be proud of it, there are others who might choose something that just works out of the box. Both the approaches are necessary if a concept like open source has to make strides in development as well as global acceptance.

I think Gobuntu is a good idea for those of us who are trying achieve the open source Nirvana. But we have to keep in mind that solutions are what the common man is really looking for, not idealism and religion.

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  1. Felipe said:

    Haha cool, officially the most useless linux distro ever.
    As you said, this is pure idealism, and nobody will ever use, expect for installing in one day and removing on the next day.. so, why at all spend any time on it?

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