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Accessibility Basics

Frances Forman presents practical plans to incorporate accessibility in the architecture. It is quite interesting to note that global audit on web accessibility failed to find sites that complied to the guidelines. Accessibility is one the aspects that cannot be treated as an addon, it has to be weaved in right from the beginning. [Continue]

The PHP Rift

PHP 4 is about to die. At least the PHP core wants to kill it, but there is a rift in the PHP community. A lot of PHP developers feel that PHP 5 has betrayed them because of the backward compatibility issues. [Continue]

Multiple Programming Languages

I have been involved in interviewing candidates for a company recently. As always, I found that it was really difficult to find candidates interested in the Broadway languages. And one of the points on which majority of them seemed to be stuck to was to work only in the choice of their programming language, whether it was C# or Java or PHP. [Continue]

Are Sponsored Themes Ethical?

I was without Net access for last couple of days, in which a mild storm has built up around the issue of sponsored themes in the WordPress community. It all probably started with Mark Ghosh banning them from Weblog Tools Collection, and then Matt excluding them from the official themes repository. I cannot say for others, but I am glad that the sponsored themes are not being encouraged. [Continue]

Gobuntu – A Freedom Branch From Ubuntu

There is a new Linux distribution in the town – Gobuntu (via Ryan Paul). Mark Suttleworth explained it as a puristic distribution that will avoid proprietary software: It is a flavour of Ubuntu (like Kubuntu or Xubuntu) that is basically the same desktop environment as Ubuntu (a GNOME desktop) and a very strict set of restrictions on the licences of code and content. This means that we try to strip out ANYTHING which is not modifiable and redistributable, including firmware, PDF’s, video footage, sounds etc. [Continue]

OpenMoko – The iPhone Antidote

Well, antidote is a strong word, but OpenMoko powered phone really beats the closed iPhone and can become a strong competitor in future. OpenMoko is an open source mobile communications platform that takes the mobile domain where others have not ventured yet – standardization and openness. I have long wondered, why in spite of so many advancements, I do not like to use the mobile as my laptop. [Continue]



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