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C++ And The Pits

C++ is not one of the favorite programming languages today, not in the age of dynamic, garbage collecting and quick-to-code languages age. It has unfortunately become subject to a lot of bashing. I actually think that criticism is good, because it helps in evolving. [Continue]

Designing Forms

A form, in many ways, is a critical interface of a Web application, rather any application. They still end up as frustration points for the user as well as the developer. Validations are popular, but there are some aspects which I have not read in many places. [Continue]

Volatile Changes Here

Some of you who visit the web site might have seen some design changes, a lot of which have been rolled back. I am still continuing the experimentation. I had unset fonts in my stylesheet, however I have realized that it might not work. [Continue]

Registry A Mistake

Jeff Atwood explains why Windows registry is a bad idea and recommends Vista’s scheme of storing application specific data. The biggest hurdle for application developers to implement this will be backward compatibility with pre-Vista versions. They might have to have two configuration scheme implementations to do so, which I think will be avoided. [Continue]

Using Websites To Hack Intranets

Robert Hansen presents an interesting paper on using websites to hack intranets. There is good awareness about hacking intranets by using browsers, however, this paper explains how the web server can be hack your intranet. The concept rests on allowing file uploads over remote HTTP requests and elaborates on following techniques: port sweeping fingerprinting potential vulnerable applications hacking the Intranet website. [Continue]

GupShup Heading Towards Microblogging

Webaroo’s GupShup, which I had called email groups for SMS, is evolving into a microblogging tool. I got an email from Kirti Manian, detailing what new things you can do with it. So here are some of the exciting things we have been working at since then: Send messages from our website to your groups – all for FREE Create an SMS blog and share it across with your users Invite friends, Share groups through the website Follow stocks, sports, parties in ur town, campus buzz, jokes, theaters and movie events, and moreā€¦ We have also widgetised Gupshup so if you have a group on Gupshup it could reflect on your blog. [Continue]



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