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Lorelle asked me if I would guest-blog here. It was an opportunity to contribute to something built by someone you respect and admire. It feels great, even if it is a one-off chance. It is like associating yourself with something that Woz has engineered or getting to play with Zakir Hussain! How could I say no to this!

This is the start of my first post on Lorelle on WordPress, a blog I have been following since I started blogging. It is an honest account of what I have understood of blogging. Thanks for the opportunity Lorelle.

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  1. Lorelle said:

    I’m so excited to have you guest blog on my blog. I’ve been a fan of your work since the beginning, too. You’ve come a long way, mostly because of your amazing ability to “listen” through the medium of blogging, as well as to process complex collections of information and boil them down to your readers in a way that they slap their foreheads and say “How simple! Of course!”

    I adore that about you!

  2. Pallav said:


    Great blog.. i stumbled onto it via wordpress.com ‘What’s hot’ section. I like your writing style. I like your enthusiasm about blogging even more.

    I realize you probably are contributing to multiple outlets presently, but if you ever feel inclined to be a contributor to http://www.eindiareview.com, let me know. I try to showcase indian web startups there, with an unbiased perspective. It’d be great to have someone like you in our team.

    Carry on the good stuff.

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