GupShup Heading Towards Microblogging

Webaroo’s GupShup, which I had called email groups for SMS, is evolving into a microblogging tool. I got an email from Kirti Manian, detailing what new things you can do with it.

So here are some of the exciting things we have been working at since then:

  • Send messages from our website to your groups – all for FREE
  • Create an SMS blog and share it across with your users
  • Invite friends, Share groups through the website
  • Follow stocks, sports, parties in ur town, campus buzz, jokes, theaters and movie events, and moreā€¦

We have also widgetised Gupshup so if you have a group on Gupshup it could reflect on your blog.

So another contender in the microblogging space? Yes, but it is still stronger on the SMS side. And more importantly it is more practical for people residing in India. Currently I cannot SMS to Pownce and Jaiku from India, and I have to SMS a UK number for Twitter. I am a Twitter user, but I usually access it from the computer. GupShup will score higher there because it now enables both.

One thing I will suggest, is to be interoperable with other microblogging services, like Twitter. GupShup provides feeds, so as a user I can do it, but a direct facility might be better. The other way might also be lucrative. If my tweets can be sent as SMSs to my GupShup group then I can retain my Twitter network as well.

I still think it can be a very strong communication platform in the mobile space for individuals, businesses and the society as well. However, it is currently focused on India and it can have its disadvantages. In my opinion, the best way to override them is to integrate with existing microblogging services.

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