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Normally a company’s programming and stock market worlds are not directly related, at times even worlds apart. But Sun Microsystems is about to change that. The stock market ID SUNW, which means Standford University Network Workstation, will be changed to JAVA. [Continue]

Pre-built Or Custom?

Matthew Magain has an interesting story of a competition between two teams, one using an existing CMS and the other doing development from scratch for a web site. The Aussie team chose to use a pre-built, open source CMS (Drupal) while the CodeBlacks (Team New Zealand) chose to build their site from scratch. The CodeBlacks won. [Continue]

Google Catering To Indian Audience

I always thought that the work in Google Labs was a good indication of things of interest for Google. After all some of the most effective tools like Google Reader have graduated from the labs. So, it is not wrong to say that Google is attending more and more to India when it has started an India-centric Google Labs. [Continue]

Adding DZone To Share-This

DZone is a good place to discover interesting posts and articles on software development, like reddit programming. Since I already use the Share-This plugin, I have added a DZone entry to it, by adding the URL http://www.dzone.com/links/add.html?url={url}&title={title} following code to the array $social_sites.

Questions On URL Design

I have been steadily gaining knowledge and confidence with REST and the philosophy behind it. With resource as the protagonist, URL design is an important activity. Typically, well designed URLs convey more than location of a resource. [Continue]

Turbulence In The Web Standards Community

There is some turbulence in the web standards group, and a lot of designers and developers I respect and admire are part of it. Molly Holzschlag’s call to fix problems with the future of markup and Javascript got a lot of the community members together. She has also followed up it with the explicit issues, addressing the working group. [Continue]



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