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On IT Project Failures

Michael Krigsman informs us about the study done by Computer Associates to determine causes of IT project failures. Michael presents some slides from the yet to be published study. Interesting, but the view seems to be only from the corporate world, where the discussions start and end with budget. [Continue]

We Need More .txt

Everytime someone requests me to send my resume or a small document in .doc, I remember the long forgotten, simple yet versatile format – the text file. While we have been fighting over standardization of office documents, we have neglected it enough to make our lives difficult by hovering around resource-hogging proprietary tools and formats even for most basic tasks. The text file is like a meta format (though format is not exactly correct, I assume it is enough for our purpose), that lets you easily create your own schema and use any extension to build your own type using it. [Continue]

Choose Your Operating System

Someone is thinking of decoupling the operating system from the hardware when it is being sold. Computers in the European Union should be sold without a bundled OS, according to this submission to the European Commission. It says that the bundling of Microsoft Windows with computers is not in the public interest, and prevents meaningful competition in the operating system market. [Continue]

France’s Orange Will Provide OpenID

David Recordon liveblogs from Digital ID World to inform that Orange SA is providing OpenID to all its subscribers, about 40 million or so. We have seen AOL do the same thing. Mic As Marshall Kirkpatrick says, this is a huge move for the federated identity movement. [Continue]



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