I Do Not Use Visual Editors

Jim Stitzel does not use the WordPress visual editor. Me neither. And looking by the response in the comments, it seems a lot many do not use it. I use either the default editor without any formatting plugins or I compose my posts in gvim.

In fact, I do not use the visual editors at all. They are still not there with the accuracy and end up creating mess sometimes. I also think they are detrimental to Web design. The styles belong to the CSS, not the markup. The markup should contain only the CSS classes and IDs which work as a handle to the styles. Further, I think the future is not WYSIWYG, it is WYSIWYM.

Many feel that WYSIWYG editors are the most usable ones, and help the user by hiding the technical intricacies. Unfortunately, it is not in line with the direction in which Web is going. Perhaps, a WYSIWYG editor which is aware of your CSS classes and IDs for formatting can be the answer. Which is nothing but WYSIWYM.

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  1. Rohit Arondekar said:

    Yes. That darn visual editor has caused a lot of trouble and so even I stopped using it a while back. Would be nice of somebody to actually build a blog post editor that actually doesn’t mess things up. I would prefer a standalone desktop editor though because of my slow internet connection. But the likes of Windows Live Writer just don’t do enough to make me want to use them. Do you know of anything out there that’s good ?

  2. I use Visual Editors said:

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  3. Binny V A said:

    No one who is comfortable with HTML uses a WYSIWYG editor. This is true of desktop application and web based editors.

  4. Douglas Karr said:

    I don’t use it, either. It’s not that I don’t want to have a nice editor, it’s simply it’s NOT WYSIWYG. It also doesn’t allow script tags or embed tags.

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