It Is Really About You, Not The Tool

What does software development teach you? One, that there is no one-size-fits-all solution. And second, it is never about the tools, it is always about you and the solution. Derek Silvers explains why Ruby On Rails did not work for him.

If we really try to understand what he is saying, it is not about the PHP or Ruby On Rails. It is quite clear that Silvers likes Rails, he finds himself an improved programmer after the experience. But just that it did not turn out to be a suitable solution for his problem. There are too many context-dependent factors there to make it a generic statement.

Every single programmer, which his/her knowledge, experience and expertise might come up with different ideal solutions for a problem. A solution ceases to be ideal if one of the factors change, it is a whole new game. What is important is to understand, as part of your learning, not only what you can do with a tool, but what is it that you cannot do with it. Unfortunately, there are many tutorials exhibit what you can do with it, not many for the latter. This is what makes it a challenge for a developer like me to really know and understand the limitations of a tool before applying it to a problem.

Which tool is suitable for your problem depends on you and your team. I have seen a lot of arguments about explicitness versus magic in frameworks. I have realized that they are more personal preferences and opinions than any established statement.

That is why I like learning new languages and tools. As Shelley Powers says, not because there is a community or because it is a trend, but because it helps me understand the pros and cons and identify its value. After all that is what makes me a better programmer and provide better solutions.

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