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Personalization And Education

As I am reading more and more about Vendor Relationship Management, I am convinced that our future is going to go in the direction of more control and personalization for you and me, the user. But this also means that we will have to learn more, to be able to really convert the control and personalization into higher productivity. Simplicity is dependent on our perception, which is a function of our knowledge, experience and skills. [Continue]

Difference Between Knowing Programming and Knowing Syntax

I keep advocating that one must understand the programming concepts while learning a programming language, and not just be keen about the syntax. And it is not very convincing, especially because there are not visible benefits. Most of the times only the short term benefits are visible, the long term ones are either too far away or we do not have the vision at all. [Continue]

New York Times Likes Open Source

One of signs of maturity is that you start getting responses from unexpected quarters. The open source community has given a mixed reaction when they came to know that New York Times likes open source. While embracing the online world, New York Times are developing a web development team of their own and want to use the open source community to better themselves. [Continue]

C++ Is The New, Or Old, Linux

Where else can you see continuous criticism, unfortunately, most of it not constructive! Actually we have seen this a lot with OOP as well. There are some common elements to such kind of criticisms: The subject gets compared to other alternatives feature by feature, without considering the context. [Continue]

Mozilla Prism

Mozilla has announced Prism, an effort to bridge the gap between the Web and the desktop. Mozilla Labs is launching a series of experiments to bridge the divide in the user experience between web applications and desktop apps and to explore new usability models as the line between traditional desktop and new web applications continues to blur. WebRunner has been picked up as the first candidate for the experiments. [Continue]



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