Steve Ballmer Wants All Open Source On Windows

Steve Ballmer wants to see all open source development done on Windows, not Linux. I wonder if this is out of love for open source or out of hatred for Linux. I guess that is the reason Microsoft is opening up .Net, sorry, releasing .Net. I am sure Microsoft knows that open source fosters open source.

Let us not nitpick. Microsoft has had immense number of opportunities to encourage open source, but it has not done so. Good open source development is quite active on Windows. Unfortunately it is not by or for Microsoft.

Maybe that is what Microsoft is looking for, not open source on Windows but open source for Microsoft.

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  1. indyank said:

    next he would want all the money to be paid only to microsoft… :)

  2. Emory said:

    Well, there’s Open Source and then there’s Microsoft Open Source.
    They’re just not qualified to remain in existence. Especially
    that Balmer idiot.

  3. masterofsuspense said:

    When Microsoft makes their programming tools and environments open source then I’ll start believing. You know, making “open source” programs with tightly closed source tools is not what I have in mind when I think true open source.

    But then again, quarterly pulling $30 billion dollars is not so open source either. So maybe I’m asking too much, maybe Microsoft will open source Notepad :S

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  6. Kevin Chiu said:

    If he wants it bad enough, he’ll need to open Windows. (haha, pun)

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