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The string in the title should search for the phrase “weird patent” in the a9.com search engine. Apparently, the Amazon subsidiary was awarded this patent. To be more precise, no one else can now support inclusion of unformatted search string after domain name portion of URL, without permission from Amazon. [Continue]

Aerial, Tymes, Veranda

No, there are no spelling mistakes. Aerial, Tymes and Veranda are true type fonts by Gavin Graham, they just sound similar to the Microsoft’s first set of Web core fonts, which is now discontinued. This font pack is designed for screen and print and as a “drop-in” replacement for Arial and Time New Roman. [Continue]

Developing For Linux

Swaroop has an interesting post why developing closed source applications can be difficult on Linux. A Linux distribution is like an assembly of various components, and each of them has alternatives, except the kernel. This variety and loose coupling is what gives flexibility and choice to the user. [Continue]

A Fixed Version Of The Theme

This blog now carries a fixed width theme, I will keep it for a while to experiment with it. I am trying to keep the width under 800px so that I do not have to do anything special to make it appear in whole on a 800×600 resolution machine. Since the spacing has reduced, I have added a background color for the sidebar, or the secondary content. [Continue]

Mapping Functions to WordPress Versions

I came across the WordPress Functions Implementation History tool through Mark Ghosh. As Ozh explains, you can use it to find life of a function in the WordPress API. One of the disadvantages of a continuous evolving API is that functions get deprecated, they get modified, and they get dropped; and tracking this across the versions can be tedious. [Continue]



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