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Google Brings OpenID To Blogger

I will soon be able to comment on blogs done using Blogger using my OpenID, which is this blog’s URL. Google is bringing OpenID to the new Blogger. OpenID enables them to support other URLs which are OpenIDs, like the blog URLs from other blogging services like LiveJournal and WordPress.com, as the image shows. [Continue]

What Is Google Doing With Votes?

Google, which is all about unique algorithms, page ranks and huge data centres, has started experimenting with using humans, that is you and me to vote for search results. At least that is what it seems as. This experiment lets you influence your search experience by adding, moving, and removing search results. [Continue]

The Difference Is A Self Belief

Ben Collins-Sussman writes about the two types of programmers – the alpha programmers and the rest which make up 80% of the programming world. Jeff Atwood writes about building a bridge between the two to make an impact in the software development world. I am not very keen on the generalization, nor do I think that putting people in groups helps. [Continue]

What Might Hurt ODF? And It Is Not Another Office Format

A while back the OpenDocument Foundation folded up, withdrawing its support for the ODF in favor of CDF. The reason for the switch is buried in the details of ODF community’s denial to be fully interoperable with Microsoft Office, which might have helped in migrating to ODF without affecting the processes. So, there was something bigger here playing it up. [Continue]

Software Is Not The Solution

I know, this sounds hypocritical after drumming here about software as a solution theme for long. The underlying reason is that you should identify the problem that the software will solve before using it. This helps you get the maximum ROI out of it, which I think is the best proof you can ever get. [Continue]

Internet Is 30 Years Old

Elliotte Rusty Harold reminds us that Internet went into the 30s on 22nd November 2007. A network of heterogeneous networks, that gives you and me the freedom to choose the hardware and the software, which is what the Internet is. I cannot imagine my life without Internet today. [Continue]



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