indiatimes hacked?

Dan Goodin reported about ScanSafe’s adivsory about indiatimes (http://www.indiatimes.com/) visitors getting bombarded by malware.

She said most pages on the IndiaTimes site are clean. Those that are infected, however, contain a potent cocktail of downloader and dropper Trojans and other binaries. They contain a script that points to remote sites, some of which link to still other sites. The malicious files exploit multiple vulnerabilities, and some appear to be previously unknown flaws in Windows, according to Landesman, who used to be a security researcher for Microsoft.

indiatimes is big here, even if only some pages are affected, a considerable number of users will get exposed to the malware. I do not know any of testing or verifying this using the everyday tools that we have, but it is always good to be aware. I do not know any of verifying this, but use the best practice of keeping your machine clean by using malware and anti-virus cleaners.

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