AJAX For Accessibility

Charles Chen writes about AxsJAX – a framework for injecting accessibility using AJAX techniques. Pronounced as Access JAX, AxsJAX follows the W3C ARIA specification, and might work as an active test tool for it.

Being the main developer behind Fire Vox, Charles has made AxsJAX available through it, as a bookmarklet and through Greasemonkey script. Google has also open sourced this framework, which should help others adopt it or adapt it to their needs. Google Reader has been one of the first applications which is AxsJAX enabled.

Accessibility has always been a secondary citizen on the Internet, mostly because of a misconception that its absence might not hurt a majority of the users. Accessibility is important, it is the underlying purpose of Web. AxsJAX has brought accessibility on the Web 2.0 table. Hopefully W3C ARIA and frameworks like AxsJAX will draw more attention from the industry.

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