Google Brings OpenID To Blogger

I will soon be able to comment on blogs done using Blogger using my OpenID, which is this blog’s URL. Google is bringing OpenID to the new Blogger.

OpenID in BloggerOpenID enables them to support other URLs which are OpenIDs, like the blog URLs from other blogging services like LiveJournal and WordPress.com, as the image shows. Also, soon bloggers on blogspot might be able to use their blog URLs as OpenIDs.

This adds another big number of OpenID owners to the existing ones, through WordPress.com, AOL and unofficially through your Yahoo! account. Do not get discouraged if you have a self-hosted blog, it is quite easy to use it as your OpenID too.

However, as Duncan Riley says, OpenID is still not popular among the masses. And that is because OpenID needs more applications and services to use it for their users’ identity. Though the list is growing, the bigger players have kept away from it. Hopefully this push by Google will help the common man realize the benefit of OpenID and demand it for their own convenience.

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    […] providers. Neither application developers nor users have adopted it wholeheartedly. There have been developments, but we also need efforts to educate and improve the ease of use. Marshall Kirkpatrick explains the […]

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