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Testing Windows With Linux Eyes

We have read many accounts of how Windows users were disappointed by Linux. The EasyGeek is turning the tables this time. While as a Linux fan it is quite entertaining to read it, the biggest fact to accept is that both of them are different. [Continue]

The Death Of Netscape

Michael Arrington notes that AOL is going to pull the plug on Netscape development. Also, the Netscape team now recommends the Netscapers to continue with Mozilla Firefox. A leader once in browsing, the Netscape browser can be considered to be one of the early disruptions. [Continue]

Neither Gathering Nor Eliciting, It is Discovering Requirements

Of course, a name is just a name, but it helps in explaining the tasks involved to clients. One of the most important foundational tasks of software development, or any development for that matter, is to understand the need. The software industry has kept changing the names given to these tasks – requirements gathering or data gathering or requirements elicitation. [Continue]

Design Is Inevitable

In one of my discussions with a friend I mentioned that, irrespective of the domain, I am spending more and more time on the design. Which made my friend wonder if we could skip designing, thinking that it will reduce the time required to do the task. Can we eliminate design? [Continue]

What Is Good Code?

Reginald Braithwaite is in search of what really matters in good code. I am sure many programmers are in the pursuit, so take time to read the entire piece. Another view, the one I am promoting here, is that it isn’t about removing symbols, it’s about communicating something about the underlying relationships. [Continue]

W3C v/s Developer Community

W3C again finds itself fighting the Web designer and developer community. It seems to have started from Andy Clarke’s call for reorganizing the CSS Working Group. Andy raises a concern that browser vendors, which compete with each other, will act in good interest of collaboratively developing the new CSS standard. [Continue]



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