The Death Of Netscape

Michael Arrington notes that AOL is going to pull the plug on Netscape development. Also, the Netscape team now recommends the Netscapers to continue with Mozilla Firefox.

A leader once in browsing, the Netscape browser can be considered to be one of the early disruptions. Its fork, Mozilla Firefox, did many things better and got a lot of love from Web people. Though AOL did a lot to continue its development, I do not think it really resurrected Netscape. We have seen many browsers evolve with today’s needs and some new ones come up – Flock, Epiphany, Opera, Safari, Konqueror, Maxthon and I am sure I am missing a couple more. Netscape could well have been one of them if it offered something new.

I do not think it will be missed a lot, but it sure is a milestone. For the more sentimental ones amongst us, Netscape will continue to live within Firefox and SeaMonkey.

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  1. adam said:

    AOL will never succeed. I think they’re crashing out and decided to destroy something beautiful in the process.

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