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Levine, The Best Teacher For Programmers

Citing Gerald Weinberg from the book The Psychology of Computer Programming. It is impossible to begin a discussion of psychological principles of programming language design without recalling the story of “Levine the Genius Tailor.” It seems that a man had gone to Levine to have a suit made cheaply, but when the suit was finished and he went to try it on, it didn’t fit him at all. “Look,” he said, “the jacket is much too big in back.” “No problem,” replied Levine, showing him how to hunch over his back to take up the slack in the jacket. [Continue]

LiPS Releases 1.0 Specification

Linux Phone Standards (LiPS) forum has released 1.0 specification with the intention to achieve interoperability for applications and services for Linux phones (via ITWorld). The group comprising of members serving various aspects might make a case, even though it has been late when compared to earlier efforts like Open Handset Alliance and OpenMoko. The good thing in this case is they have a formal specification done. [Continue]



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