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5 Whys

I came across the 5 Whys (via Jason Kottke), and was extremely pleased to find it as a technique used in Toyota. For quite sometime I have been consciously trying to ask a series of Whys during designing to arrive at either a business decision or a fact. It saves from making assumptions about hidden and underlying purposes. [Continue]

Where Is The Engineering In Your Work?

Ravi Mohan is very close to getting a lot of employers upset by explaining how a lot of software professionals, who are given the post of a software engineers, are in fact not engineers. If you don’t use mathematics in your day to day work, you aren’t (an engineer). All engineers (say those who build bridges, or space craft, or cars) make heavy use of mathematics and/or hard sciences like Physics on a regular basis. [Continue]

I Keep Timesheets For Myself

Timesheets are only wastage of paper for some, for some they are evidence of the work, for some they translate into money and for some they are just more things to talk about at meetings. I have had a love-hate relationship with them. I started by disliking them, but later realized what I could gain from them. [Continue]

Qt Goes GPLv3

Trolltech has adopted GPLv3 for cross-platform open source application development toolkit Qt. It is important to note that this is an addition to its availability under GPLv2, meaning it will be available under both licenses. This indicates that even KDE might go GPLv3 in its further releases. [Continue]



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