Why Do I Blog About Programming?

I have myself often pondered what I got out of blogging here. I am definitely not into publishing or media business, so that rules out most of the monetary reasons. I wondered if it was therapeutic, but, as Reginald mentions, maybe it is the Dunning-Kruger effect.

It is quite possible, even one successful project allows you a lot of misconceptions about yourselves. Admittedly, I too am in the clouds after a high score.

Ironically though, blogging is what has got me back to the ground. The moment I start feeling a bit more about myself, just going through my blogshelf reminds me of what is out there and where I am. It is not any different than watching through the Hubble Deep Field across the 78 billion light-years of universe. This is just what I have been able to see, there might be so much out there beyond my reach today. And if that is not enough, I learn a lot from reactions to what I write, and that only helps me realize how little I know.

While wishing you a Very Happy 2008, I hope that the Dunning-Kruger effect will make me blog more.

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  1. Techblissonline Dot Com said:

    Wish you a happy,peaceful and successful 2008 and continue with your great blog…

  2. Adam said:

    In an ideal world I’d be writing about the meaning of life: criminology, philosophy and psychology and all that. But because this world is on its arse, I have to also bother myself with the things that make money as well.

    Adam @ TalkPHP.com – PHP Community

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