Acid3 Already Burning

Oh well, the joy of major browsers complying with Acid2 is going to be shortlived, we already have Acid3! Just kidding. Neither is Acid3 ready, nor does it make any sense right now to run the browsers through it. The score, out of 100, will not mean much, even a full score does not guarantee compliance. So why is it important to know about?

One, because it tackles two most important issues for browsers today – ECMAScript and DOM. These two have had a turbulent history of edge cases, and the Acid3 will test that. Secondly, you can provide inputs on 16 tests that still have to be added. It will keep you abreast of what browsers support if you do follow the developments of the test, then the failure of all the browsers and then success of one of them and then some and then some …

Acid tests are not necessarily good tools for learning standards, because they test the edge cases. But they can bring out bugs in browsers so that you, the developer, can get wary of them. If you want to know details of Acid3 test, John Resig has a nice explanation of it.

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  4. flash tekkie said:

    WebKit passed Acid3 fully for the first time on Friday. So it’s 100 subtests of 100 passed now.

    Opera 9.60 Beta scored 85.

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