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Brainstorm With Ubuntu

Ubuntu does a Dell, and wants you to brainstorm (via Slashdot)with it on what features you want in it. It is a good idea, but to be really effective it has to attract people who are not being heard, or who are not on Linux, or who feel that Ubuntu is too geeky to be used. Otherwise it will have votes from the same old already-vocal slashdotters, diggers and the existing geeks. [Continue]

Be Skeptical About Software

This is what I tell my non-technical friends who end up being associated with either buying or using a new piece of software. What usually happens is that most of them get over-zealous, either because of the sophistication of the software systems or because of the enthusiasm about the trend and they completely miss the fact that the software is for a purpose. Rather, the software is supposed to solve a problem for them. [Continue]

Work Once And Earn Forever

A friend asked me if software was a good profession to work once and earn forever. He said people like Bill Gates inspired him to build such a model. I thought it was an unique aspect to consider to decide whether he wanted to get into the software domain or not. [Continue]

Mozilla Messaging And It Is Thunderbird 3

Mozilla Messaging is a new subsidiary of the Mozilla Foundation, and as the name says, focusing on messaging (via Ars Technica). The plans, as David Ascher explains, are to build a great product on the existing Thunderbird 2 base. We’ve started defining what Thunderbird 3 will be, because we think that there is enough consensus to make some of the first decisions on the most important changes to tackle first. [Continue]

Running Linux On Windows

Solutions for people wanting to use Unix-like environments under Windows have evolved. Started with Cygwin, it has now progressed to using a port of the Linux kernel to Windows, called coLinux. But now we also have andLinux, which makes it a lot easier to use Linux applications in Windows. [Continue]



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