OpenID With Hardware Authentication

TrustBearer Labs has come up with an OpenID service that leverages authentication devices (via Slashdot) like smart cards, USB tokens and fingerprint biometrics. You can start using the service if you have one of their supported devices. Though I am not sure if hardware authentication will be popular, this service demonstrates a different way in which OpenID can be implemented. OpenID is sure getting a lot of attention, but such experimentation will help push it towards wider adoption, and perhaps its evolution.

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  1. Justin Bastress said:

    Among the supported devices are US government-issued CAC and PIV cards, as well as virtually any Java-based smart card via the MUSCLECard (www.linuxnet.com) applet. A complete list is on the site (https://openid.trustbearer.com/).

  2. Jenny said:

    If you click the second one down at sourcearticle.info there’s some more information

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