Is SEO A One-Time Activity?

I am not an SEO expert. Out of my interactions with it I understand that SEO cannot be achieved through a one-time activity.

SEO is about doing our best so that the content is most discoverable by the reader who is looking for it. It is about availability and accessibility of the content to the reader, and it is about appropriateness of the content to the context. Which is what I see the responsibilities of an SEO expert as.

The real gain in SEO happens out of appreciation from the readers, and the content still has a lion’s share in it. No doubt we should set the tables right so that everyone, including the search engines, see us right. But that will be effective only if quality of the content is sustained. That is one reason I do not see SEO activity as a one-off thing. It requires continuous contributions, from the technology and content perspective.

SEO is more than pleasing just the search engines, so I wonder if its effects can be guaranteed through a SEO project. And I am quite inept at explaining this to anyone as part of my work. I hope writing here will find me a better way or correct me if I am wrong. What do you think?

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  1. Binny V A said:

    My SEO policy is write good content and visitors will come. I want to say that its enough – but sadly its not. So now a bit of my time goes into promotion as well.

  2. Brad C said:

    I see SEO as two separate parts. There is what you can do internally to your site to make it more accessible to search engines. That involves making sure your using good semantic markup, appropriate title tags and things like that. That can be a one time activity and it seems like you have a good grasp of those things.
    The second part is link building and that’s where SEO/SEM companies come in. Some do it by helping create quality content and helping to spread it to the appropriate audience, like you’re doing. Unfortunately a lot of others do it by trying to game the search engines. If that’s your idea of SEO then you do have to do it constantly because Google is always weeding out the methods people use to gain an advantage with bad content.
    I think you’re on the right path with your thinking. I don’t think you can just set up one project with a client and expect it to have great results, unless the client is dedicated to creating new quality content frequently.

  3. Smart SEO Blog » Blog Archive » SEO: Can You Achieve Results In One Shot? said:

    […] it. I think this is one reason I still read blog posts on whether or not SEO is a one-time thing. Take this post on ifacethoughts. The blogger talks about his inexperience when it comes to SEO but he hit the nail right on the […]

  4. Dharmendra Asimi said:

    One time seo works if your site has less competition. Basically a small business website targeting one place or geo location customers.

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