Adobe AIR Goes To 1.0, But Still Without Linux

Adobe is about to release AIR 1.0, which means that AIR will cross a huge milestone. AIR is a cross platform merge the desktop and the Web, and develop rich applications. I think this is a milestone not only for Adobe, but for the technologies which can offer webified applications.

However, it is still a wannabe as it is not available on the Linux platform yet. Not that Adobe is not taking the effort, the pre-beta testers are being called for, and Adobe is bringing other tools to Linux as well. But I wonder if it could have been better than a 1.0-without-support-for-Linux, especially because both – users and developers are shifting to Linux.

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  1. Adobe AIR Debuts On Linux | iface thoughts said:

    […] thing is that this release includes the SDK and Flex Builder 3 along with the runtime. Adobe had left Linux out of their 1.0 release, but now seems to be abiding by its promise. In fact, Adobe has joined the […]

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