Be Skeptical About Software

This is what I tell my non-technical friends who end up being associated with either buying or using a new piece of software. What usually happens is that most of them get over-zealous, either because of the sophistication of the software systems or because of the enthusiasm about the trend and they completely miss the fact that the software is for a purpose. Rather, the software is supposed to solve a problem for them.

I advise them to be skeptical about the software, so that the onus falls on the other party to prove its benefit to the system or the organization. This also helps give more importance to the problem at hand instead of the software. This is what helps them find out ROI of the software and look at it as an investment and not cost.

Otherwise it is too easy to skip this and play into hands of the aggressive salesmen. So, be skeptical about the software and it will help you gain the most from it.

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