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Designing Findability

A List Apart has an informative article by Aarron Walter on Findability. Findability leads to better usage, which can lead to benefits for businesses and individuals. It requires explicit attention and effort to incorporate it in not only during the development but also through all the changes that happen over years. [Continue]

Document Freedom Day

26th March is Document Freedom Day. You can completely ignore it without getting harmed or abused or blamed for being indifferent. But if you know have ever faced a scenario when you could not open a document because did not have a specific office suite, knowing more about document liberation might be worth it. [Continue]

Indian Denial To OOXML Continues

So India says no to OOXML, and as a software professional and I will say that I am happy. India has denied OOXML the nod earlier citing its technical incompetence. This time, interestingly, the three big software companies – TCS, Wipro and Infosys all supported OOXML. [Continue]

Pragmatism And Standards

There are many cases which lead to a situation that your software get posed against the standards. At the heart of all of them is either a belief that standards do not have practical value or a we-can-do-better-than-them attitude. Unfortunately standards do steal the focus sooner or later, because they are necessary to support diversity which comes with an increased scale. [Continue]

Yes, Linux Is Fun

Vlad Dolezal is right when he says that the real reason why many of us Linux aficionados use it is because it is fun. However, it is fun not because it does not have any problems. It is fun because it really helps you get a tool that helps you improve at what you are doing. [Continue]



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