OOXML Gaining Support In India Through Microsoft’s Partner NGOs?

Mayank Sharma reports that Microsoft is trying to promote OOXML to the Indian ministry through NGOs. Deja vu? Microsoft says that it was a voluntary decision for the partners. But it will be interesting to find out the reason behind the recommendations.

India had voted against accepting OOXML as a standard earlier. Is Microsoft trying to garner support through political and corporate lobbies now? I think the best way to counter such activities is to ask the organizations for technical merit or their assessment behind recommendation for OOXML. That would be a fair indicator for the motivation behind it. Also, it will keep the people informed if India’s assessment of the technology can be made as transparent as possible.

As a related event, Andy Updegrove has the ongoings of the BRM in Geneva on OOXML.

India, like any other developing country, has a higher need to use standards for further development in technology. However, it is important that the standards themselves are chosen on technical merit, and not by pressure or lobbying. I am not in a position to verify the truth, and I am not sure how much Microsoft is party to this. But this is an indication that the standards body has an increased responsibility to thoroughly examine the yes and nos about support to OOXML.

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  2. GS Prudhukumar said:

    I would like to read more on OOXML and to appear on the lists of NGOs involving in the spread.

    I look forward to receive the information and to resgister our name with you.

  3. GS Prudhukumar said:

    CEAD is an NGO and would like to become Microsoft Partner NGOs.

    Thank you !

  4. vivek diwedi said:

    NGO working for the technical advancement in urban and rural areas, and also want to be microsoft NGO partner

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