Good Fixed-Width/Monospaced/Programming Fonts

Programming font is a love-hate topic with programmers. It is as subjective as the amount of study that has been done on it. And there are some excellent programming font list out there. Like

I had a bit different requirement. I do all my typing in gvim, including blog posts, emails and most of the documents. So I needed a fixed width font that served well not only for programming but for these tasks as well. Here is a list of good fixed-width fonts, which have not been discussed a lot in other lists:

I have currently set Anonymous as my main font.

As an aside, in gvim, using Anonymous left no space between lines. You can ask gvim to add some space by using the linespace setting. I use set linespace=4 when I am using Anonymous.

I will keep adding to this list as I come across more fonts. Let me know if you know some fonts that have not figured in these lists.

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  1. Kevin said:

    I switched to Consolas for a while, but eventually went back to Anonymous. I don’t have any line space issues with it in Editplus (my editor of choice).


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