Yes, Linux Is Fun

Vlad Dolezal is right when he says that the real reason why many of us Linux aficionados use it is because it is fun. However, it is fun not because it does not have any problems. It is fun because it really helps you get a tool that helps you improve at what you are doing.

I have got so used to some things in the Linux land, that elsewhere the same task sounds painful.

  • From a productivity perspective, I have been able to achieve a desired balance of GUI and command line. I do not think any one of them can be as productive. Linux lets me achieve the balance I want, and this is a key component of the way I work. It is fun when I can achieve this balance and get my work done.
  • Updates and upgrades. It has been quite some time since I have downloaded a binary and installed it. I have the luxury of trusted and community repositories, whether it was Kubuntu or Arch Linux, and I know they are available for almost all Linux distributions. In fact with Arch Linux, even the upgrades are seamlessly integrated.
  • The biggest problem with softwares in the long-term is the licensing associated with them. I know a lot of institutions who are stuck with Windows 98 or older versions of compilers and office applications because the licenses are too painful and expensive. Most of the open source licenses give you the freedom enough as a user to not worry about the license.
  • Almost personalized help is a benefit you get when you have a community going for you. Though open source is not a requirement for this, being open source encourages community contribution and interactions. Just like any other software, there were problems with Linux, but they were quite easily solved because of help from members of the community. This is almost the personalized help you get.

With Linux, it is fun when you start discovering other things slowly. It is fun when you discover that they are being done so that you can benefit from it. It is fun when you are realize that you can have a say in it. It is fun to see that your contributions get accepted. Once you cross the initial hurdle of the difference from your existing environments, Linux is all fun.

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  1. Binny V A said:

    The pain involved in managing the OS is removed in the case of linux…
    No Virus
    Updates are one command away
    Super stable

  2. Encephalosponge » Blog Archive » What’s this Linux thing? said:

    […] What’s This “Linux” Thing and Why Should I Try It?. A pretty good description. Another real reason is because it’s fun and productive. […]

  3. John Melling said:

    @Binny VA: Although is it pain-free in that capacity, the administration work required to get some things running correctly can often be frustrating. I guess you could say that about all operating systems, though.

    re post: I think depending on your usage patterns, Linux can be the best thing since sliced bread. For some, one operating system will never be enough.

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