Pragmatism And Standards

There are many cases which lead to a situation that your software get posed against the standards. At the heart of all of them is either a belief that standards do not have practical value or a we-can-do-better-than-them attitude. Unfortunately standards do steal the focus sooner or later, because they are necessary to support diversity which comes with an increased scale. And being against standards is not a good thing at such time, it always forces difficult solutions.

Pragmatism then differs by which camp you belong to. Then pragmatists and standards seem to be on opposite sides of the table. I think that the best thing we can do here is to go with a pro-standard solution, otherwise it leads to another struggle and more difficult solutions.

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  1. Binny V A said:

    Also read Joel is from Mars, browsers are from Venus to see the other side of the debate.

  2. Abhijit Nadgouda said:

    Thanks for the link Binny. I believe that an extremist position is not going to help this matter at all. But ignoring standards will be a yet another blunder for the Web.

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