Some More On IT Project Failures

Matt Assay points to a study which says that 62% of IT projects fail. The study cites two primary reasons:

  • Managers do not consider the time and effort required to transfer of the know-how from designers to developers.
  • QA is not given enough importance, and hence time.

From what I have seen, it hurts to keep the designers and developers in two different rooms. It is not that estimation for the communication is done, but it is ignored that this communication has to be continuous to convey the intent and design of the software. Nor is the care taken for the project configuration to make sure that the designers and developers talk at the same frequency.

Apart from this, the more I have worked, the more I have started believing that most projects fail to provide value because they are not looked at as solutions. And hence the problem is rarely identified, and then rarely isolated to be able to build a suitable solution. And so lot of decisions are taken on the basis of easier project management, which turn out to be the wrong ones at the end.

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