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MS Office To Support ODF

MS Office 2007 will have native support for ODF, meaning much more and beyond the import and export facilities. Microsoft’s OOXML has been already accepted has a standard, so this announcement seemed a little out of place, especially because ODF and PDF get support from Office before OOXML does. It is definitely good from an interoperability perspective, and it is commendable that Microsoft has started to think of path towards its interoperability promise. [Continue]

Back To The Future

A college decides to build a web site. The full web site involves offering multiple services. A part of the team has had horrible experiences with downtimes because of too many database calls. [Continue]

vim As A Personal Wiki

vim is an extremely flexible and versatile editor and is one of those tools which have a cult-like following. Typically these tools are liked a lot by these followers and hated by others. So, this post is for those who like to use, or who are open to trying out, vim. [Continue]



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