Back To The Future

  • A college decides to build a web site. The full web site involves offering multiple services.
  • A part of the team has had horrible experiences with downtimes because of too many database calls. So the DB gets eliminated. The site that will host ready-only information gets split into a separate site.
  • The team wants to build it with a framework that reads files to serve the content.
  • But parsing the language also becomes an overhead.
  • So they decide to go with a vanilla HTML + CSS solution.

Now, I believe that static sites do have their place even in this age. However, it is wrong to choose this solution because you want to avoid the other ones.

Just like everything else in life, even this solution has its cons, which get ignored now and highlighted when they become the Achilles’ heel. And then even this will get avoided. And its a tragedy that this happens a lot in the industry too!

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