Posts for June, 2008

On Desktops

I said earlier that I did not like the direction in which KDE 4.0 was going in. But the underlying cause can be perhaps found in Havoc Pennington’s post. GNOME 2.0 and KDE 4 are bad models for change. [Continue]

Web Is A Lot Less About Programming

The first Web page, courtesy Andrew Wulf, is a good reminder of what the Web is really about. It is still about information and access to the information. It is about: Cool URIs Why REST Accessibility Web standards Semantic Web In this Web 2.0 era where choice of frameworks and programming languages can make or break a Web application, this is a good reminder of what Web is about. [Continue]

Trying Out XFCE

I have been a KDE loyal for quite some years now. I had first taken to it on Solaris, and since then nothing else has worked for me. However, now I am trying out XFCE for some reasons. [Continue]



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