Trying Out XFCE

I have been a KDE loyal for quite some years now. I had first taken to it on Solaris, and since then nothing else has worked for me. However, now I am trying out XFCE for some reasons.

  • I was not so much impressed with the KDE 4.0 direction. Although I thought the work being done is great, I thought it leaned more towards eye-candy. And some parts, like the kick-off menu seemed to not head the right way. The only thing I have really liked about KDE 4 yet, is its default theme and the Oxygen icons.
  • On the other hand, I had singled XFCE as a project I would be interested in. It seemed to offer the best balance of minimalism and flexibility for me.
  • I have ideas for some applications, and XFCE can be the best platform to build them on.

Although equally flexible, XFCE is a lot different than KDE in its philosophy. It will be interesting to understand another powerful development environment.

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  1. Rohit said:

    You are using Solaris or opensolaris ? I have an opensolaris live cd – haven’t really tried it out yet. How different is it from Ubuntu 8.04 – I know that they both use the Gnome desktop but is there any advantage of using opensolaris over Ubuntu ?

  2. MIro churchyard Hron?ok said:

    Good luck. I migrated from KDE to Xfce in Jan 2007 and I’ve never had passion to switch back.

  3. Abhijit Nadgouda said:

    Rohit, I had used Solaris back about 6-7 years back for work, which is when I had discovered KDE.

    I cannot say much about OpenSolaris v/s Linux, don’t know much about it. The OpenSolaris distributions are still not at the same level, and I doubt the same about the kernels. However, OpenSolaris is something to keep an eye on.

  4. surender said:

    I foun good stuff here like

  5. Xfce Is Not Only About Older Hardware | iface thoughts said:

    […] has been my darling for quite some time now. Along with being extremely customizable, it can be quite light on resources and hence […]

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