Web Is A Lot Less About Programming

The first Web page, courtesy Andrew Wulf, is a good reminder of what the Web is really about. It is still about information and access to the information.

It is about:

In this Web 2.0 era where choice of frameworks and programming languages can make or break a Web application, this is a good reminder of what Web is about. Web is a lot more about the information and making the information available to as many as possible. This is what breaks the information asymmetry, builds connect people, distribute news and helps us live better. Frameworks and programming languages are only the tools to achieve this.

I do acknowledge that the automation because of programming is what helps us keep the Web fresh with rich information. However, it is equally important for us to remind ourselves that it is still the means and not the end. Web is a lot less about programming, it is is a lot more about information.

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  1. Bonobo said:

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