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Estimation Is The Weakest Link

My answer for the weakest link in software development today is the estimation, and for various reasons. Most of the times the people who estimate and people who develop are different, their skillsets are different, and most importantly the business needs and constraints change at a higher frequency. Of course we know this, that is why agile development has flourished. [Continue]

Rediff Developers

So, Rediff finally realized the importance of a platform released the Rediff Platform. As an incentive, Rediff plans to give financial grants, which you can see quite boldly on its homepage. It is great it has happened finally, however I wonder if it is a bit too late. [Continue]

Changing My Reading Pattern

I read a lot of feeds, which include group blogs and newspapers. Over the years I have observed, that their USPs fall in one of the following: Being first with the news Carrying exclusive news Offering unique analysis and opinions However, recently a lot of the group blogs are carrying content that I just skim over. There are the occasional ones that I click through, bookmark, comment or blog about it, but over time their percentage has dipped down. [Continue]

Now, iface.thoughts

You will be able to visit this blog at iface.thoughts, that is if ICANN lets me have the domain, and if I cam come up with all the money. Not much probable! But ICANN has approved expansion of the Top Level Domains (TLDs). [Continue]



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