Changing My Reading Pattern

I read a lot of feeds, which include group blogs and newspapers. Over the years I have observed, that their USPs fall in one of the following:

  1. Being first with the news
  2. Carrying exclusive news
  3. Offering unique analysis and opinions

However, recently a lot of the group blogs are carrying content that I just skim over. There are the occasional ones that I click through, bookmark, comment or blog about it, but over time their percentage has dipped down. In fact, they have forced me away from the whole river-way of reading blogs.

So, I am going to change my reading pattern. I am going to unsubscribe from the group blogs that carry the first 2 USPs. Instead, I will rely on the individual bloggers I follow to direct me to the interesting news, events and topics. I might get the news a bit late, but I will get it with their opinion, which I value a lot, and they have not missed yet. I avoid the memes, they seem to carry more trendy content than what interests me.

The individual bloggers are more significant than the group blogs for what I am trying to do with this blog. I will try to monitor this over time and if successful, it will save me a lot of time and effort. And I hope that I will get space to subscribe more to individual bloggers.

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  1. About Feeds And Feed Readers | iface thoughts said:

    […] work really well when you use them to follow the people you want to read. That is the reason I had unsubscribed to most of the group blogs a while back. Where feeds fail is immediate discovery of information and interaction. And I am sure […]

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